Skip The Sleaze and Hire An Ethical Copywriter for Your Website Copy

Ever find yourself getting slapped in the face with sleazy website copy? The stuff that makes you feel inadequate, anxious, and maybe even like you and your growing business are doomed to fail? You might not even realize the effect sleazy copy has on you as a reader. As an online business owner, you don’t want your dream clients to feel intimidated or scared into working with you… do you? If you do, you probably wanna click on out of here right now.

The truth is, your copy does NOT have to make people feel like shit for you to sell. Through ethical copy that’s aligned with your values, you can show people how your biz can serve them and empower them.

Here’s why you should hire an ethical copywriter for your website copy.

No One Likes Being Manipulated

I don’t know about you, but I hate the feeling of being duped. Whether by a person or a business, it doesn’t feel good to know you’ve been misled or pushed into a choice or a purchase. It’s a dirty way to sell.

These days, a lot of copy out there is written to manipulate you. Really. Businesses discover their dream clients’ pain points — the things that keep them up at night or the problems they’re desperate to solve — and twist ’em until they feel like the only way to avoid misery and fucking failure is to hand over their credit card. (And quick, because the countdown timer says there’s only 3 hours of this once-in-a-lifetime price remaining!)

Sleazy copy makes sales by making people feel like they’ll fail without buying your product or services…. and that’s just not how I roll. I’m going to take a wild leap here and bet it’s not how you want to roll in your biz, either.

Your website copy shouldn’t make your audience feel shitty. They shouldn’t read your Instagram posts or sales page and feel WORSE about their pain points, or freaked out that their business will tank if they don’t work with you.

Don’t get me wrong, you can and should mention pain points. It’s vital for your dream clients to know that you understand where they’re coming from so they know that you can help them. But aligned copy (copy and sales strategies that align with your overall mission) doesn’t weaponize their pain points against them.

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Aligned Copy Opens Doors to Possibilities

When you hire an ethical copywriter like me to create your copy, you show your audience the amazing possibilities that can come from working with you. 

Where that sleazy shit incites fear, aligned copy gets people excited about possibilities.

Where sleazy copy makes people worry that they’ll fail without you, aligned copy shows how working with you can transform their business for the better.

Websites with sleazy copy scare people into hitting the “buy” button. Aligned copy helps people make empowered buying decisions.

Ethical copywriters won’t touch sleazy tactics and tricks with a ten-foot pole. Instead, we focus on what your biz brings to the table, help your dream clients see that you’re the perfect person to help them, and show them all the incredible things you can create together. And that, my friends, is the feel-good results we all want.

You Don’t Need to Rush People Into a Sale

I want you to think of a scenario where knowing you’re running out of time actually helped you make a good decision. A clock’s tick-tick-tick doesn’t give you clarity or a clear path toward your next move, does it? HELL no. It makes you feel rushed, pressured, and fucking anxious.

For instance, a particularly shitty strategy you’ll see in sleazy website copy is flat-out lying about how quickly you need to take action. 

I bet you’ve been there. Scrolling down a landing page, skimming over threatening text about how your business will bomb if you don’t buy, and BAM: There’s a doomsday countdown timer. 

That’s right. If you don’t take advantage of the offer right now, the price will triple… Or the offer will disappear.

Or, maybe it wasn’t a timer, but the promise of a limited-time offer that would expire SOON. And if you didn’t click “Buy” fast, that deal won’t be available again until, like, next century.

Business owners like you and I who provide genuinely helpful services and/or products stand behind our services and products. So there’s no need to exaggerate scarcity or create bullshit urgency. We don’t have to make people anxious, rush them, or lie to them.

An ethical copywriter will help you tell your story and show your dream clients the amazing benefits they’ll get from working with you without damn near giving them an anxiety attack. And another major benefit of that is working with empowered clients who are excited to level up, rather than anxious clients who think they need you to save them.

Don’t Be an Asshole – Be Ethical

There’s enough bad and depressing stuff in the world right now. Your biz doesn’t have to be an additional source of negative energy. Hiring an ethical copywriter to create your website copy helps you sleep better, because you know you’re being a good human being and not contributing to the world’s cesspool.

Every online business owner has to be mindful of what they put into the world, and what they want people to see from your biz. When you skip the sleaze factor and focus on sharing aligned, authentic, and honest copy, great things can happen in your biz. 

It won’t just make your audience feel warm and fuzzy. You’ll notice you’ll have a better retention rate, get more referrals, and overall people will get good vibes from your business (and reflect those vibes back at you).

And if you ask me, those things are a hell of a lot better for you and your biz than relying on sleaze and gimmicks to make sales.

Put Good Website Copy Into The World

Ethical copywriting is my jam, and I can help your business create sleaze-free copy and content. Book a Discovery Call with me to learn how we can work together to attract your soulmate clients, make a positive impact on the world, and sell your stuff!

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