Chelsea Johnson of Chelsea & Co. is a genius strategist and business coach who's helped businesses of all different industries and sizes thrive — but she'd never quite been able to crack the code on how to encompass all she does into a website.⁠

That's where I came in. As a copywriter for coaches, I help my clients get inside their target clients’ minds by speaking directly to their struggles and goals. Together, Chelsea and I turned her decade-plus of business strategy experience into website copy that articulates exactly why she's the person to hire to scale your service- or product-based biz without burnout.⁠

“I’ve told many clients and friends about Whitney. She’s a great fit for those who have heart in their business, and need help taking their thoughts and turning them into a business message. Not only does she write beautifully, but she ensures there is a marketing message, a call to action, a story, and an intention to all we do.” -Chelsea Johnson

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Chelsea & Co.

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